What is MarketRates Advertising?


The marketplace that matches publishers and advertisers in an auction format. With MarketRates Advertising the advertiser and the publisher benefit.

MarketRates Advertising uses eBay auctions to optimize the buying and selling of advertising space on websites, in email newsletters, and in print.

Publishers traditionally set advertising rates based on standards rather than on demand. This results in a pegged market, as opposed to a fluctuating market.

A fluctuating market is beneficial for both publishers and advertisers, allowing for publishers to fill their ad space 100% of the time, and advertisers to name their price.

However, should you prefer flat page rates, we can do that too.

How does it Work?

MarketRates Advertising treats the buying and selling of advertising space as if it were a stock market. Depending on the time of year, the target market, and the place of advertisement, ad rates will fluctuate. For instance, during election season, the ad rates may sell for larger dollar amounts than when it is not campaign season.

This means that no matter what time of the year, you will always have a place to advertise that fits your standards, at rates you set yourself.

How does this Benefit You?

Advertiser Benefits

How often do you have the opportunity to name your price for advertising to your target demographic? With CampaignAssistant MarketRates Advertising, you do just that by bidding for ad space in an eBay auction. Bids start at just $0.01 so you have control over your advertising dollars.

You choose the price, the demographic, and the publisher. We’ve put the control in your hands.

MarketRates Advertising can also assist in designing your ads for a set fee.

Publisher Benefits

Could your advertising sales department be more profitable? Is your ad space in every issue completely sold 100% of the time? Would you like to add revenue?

Empty Ad Space

If your ad space is sometimes or often empty, one or more of three issues may be the problem:

  • Limited supply of advertisers
  • Too Expensive
  • No subscriber study

CampaignAssistant MRA helps you overcome these challenges.

  • We find suitable advertisers and tell them about you!
  • Rates adjust according to demand.
  • We’ll help advertisers better understand your value with a subscriber study.

Subscriber Study includes:

  • Subscriber Survey & Analysis
  • Subscriber Description (replaces rate sheet)

Using MarketRates Advertising, having too few advertisers is a problem of the past. Your ad space value may fluctuate, but at least it’s profitable.

Advertising Not enough Ad Space

Allocating an internal resource to selling ad space is not a profitable venture for any business. The cost of retention far outweighs the income of the ad space. We serve as your advertising partner. Whether you use a website, printed newsletter, email campaign, or other marketing medium, we can help you better determine your average reader, so we can help you sell your reader to advertisers.

MarketRates Advertising: We identify the consumer.

We identify the publisher. You set the rates.

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