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PoliticsOnline, provides news, tools, and strategy consulting regarding Internet use and new technology in media, politics, and public affairs.

Over 25,000 opt-in political subscribers for each of the following e-newsletter publications:

  • PoliTicker (weekly)
  • NetPulse (bi-monthly)
  • Special Reports (periodic)

PoliticsOnline readers are difficult to reach and highly coveted.

  • Political Consultants, Candidates (incl. elected officials) & Professional Campaigners
  • Political Academics, Activists, Policy Advocates, Lobbyists & Staffers

PoliticsOnline readers make key Internet-related decisions.

  • 40.31% have total or heavy influence over all Internet decisions
  • 22.45% more indicate having “some” influence

PoliticsOnline readers actually read our newsletters,

PoliTicker (weekly) NetPulse (bi-monthly) Special Reports (periodic)
33.51% “Always” 25.39% 24.10%
33.51% “Often” 25.91% 32.31%
24.74% “Sometimes” 26.42% 31.28%

And they’re loyal…

  • 55.1% currently subscribed for 1 year or longer
  • 18.88% currently subscribed for 3+ years

Which means you can…

Strengthen your bond (and brand) with PoliticsOnline readers.

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