CampaignAssistant & PoliticsOnline to Auction Ad Space on eBay

Launch Date: 3/14 @ 8am


  • Contact: Joe McHugh
  • Phone: (202) 465-4643


Address: 1025 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 1012, Washington, DC 20036

March 1, 2005, Washington, DC — At 8am on Monday, March 14, PoliticsOnline, Inc (, a worldwide political and media consulting firm, which provides Internet news, tools and strategic consulting in politics, public affairs and media, and CampaignAssistant LLC (, a political management and web marketing company, will launch the first ever PoliticsOnline ad space auction on eBay.

“This is a win-win for the people of PoliticsOnline, their subscribers, and advertisers,” says Joe McHugh of CampaignAssistant. “Advertisers name their price with MarketRates Advertising™, while PoliticsOnline ad space is fully utilized to maximize revenue.”

Joe McHugh, President of CampaignAssistant worked with David Abel, PoliticsOnline General Manager to prepare the offering; including crafting a subscriber survey, results analysis, rate sheet design, layout optimization, and corresponding press releases. CampaignAssistant handles fulfillment and all sales related duties.

Says David Abel, "We’ve been searching for a professional marketing service for a long time that would allow PoliticsOnline to connect interested subscribers and political vendors through our newsletters. Finally, with CampaignAssistant, we found that service and we’re truly excited about their innovative approach to selling ad space.“

About PoliticsOnline: PoliticsOnline, Inc. (, a worldwide political and media consulting firm, which provides Internet news, tools and strategies for the civic sector – governments, political and non-profit organizations, media companies, unions and corporations. Founded in 1996, it is now the oldest political Internet company and is credited with dozens of innovations and industry firsts.

About CampaignAssistant: CampaignAssistant LLC (, founded in 2004 by Joe McHugh, President, serves campaigns and organizations with innovative campaign management and web marketing services. Member AAPC.

For more information, contact: CampaignAssistant, 1025 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 1012. Washington, DC 20036. (202) 465-4643

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