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PoliticsOnline List Data Updates

April 13, 2005, Washington, DC

Dear MarketRates Advertising clients and interested advertisers,

PoliticsOnline has provided quality service in political news and technology reporting for nearly 10 years. During this time, you, their reader, has held them to the highest standard.

CampaignAssistant is innovating online ad procurement and is committed to the highest levels of commitment and service.

PoliticsOnline has brought to my attention inconsistencies regarding their subscriber data and has requested that CampaignAssistant verify their analysis. We have concluded that as a result of recent delivery improvements, upgrading to RTF email, there has been a significant change in PoliTicker and NetPulse list data. This change may impact ad space value and requires immediate action. The new data are as follows:

  • Subscribers = 11,750
  • Delivery % = 95.14%
  • Open % = 16.96%
  • Click % = 2.00%

Which approximate…

  • 1893 average impressions per newsletter
  • 222 average clicks per newsletter

This information may vary with every newsletter. Impressions and clicks are performance estimates and cannot be guaranteed. The auction will be re-launched on Monday, April 18 th with the revised statistics.

We acknowledge that the previous auction value may be inflated and have compensated the winning bidder accordingly.

To prevent future occurrences of inaccurate data reporting, CampaignAssistant is implementing a new quality control procedure. We are reviewing third party ad management, email management and website tracking services which will provide completely transparent list data, including subscribers, delivery, open and click through rates as well as actual impressions delivered. This will ensure that all publisher data is available in real time to all interested bidders and advertisers.

PoliticsOnline and CampaignAssistant stand firm in our commitment to excellent service and thank you for your patronage and understanding during this time of change.



Joe McHugh
CampaignAssistant LLC